Some images from recent mini-residency at hARTs Lane

working with pipe shards mudlarked from the banks of the Thames…. I’ve been fascinated with these since as long as I can remember – each one represents a life, a breath, a throwaway moment… threaded onto a tapestry of global narratives – the tobacco trade, early capitalism, colonialism, the strategic construction of systemic racism, sexism, queer-phobia….

I’ve been spending time with these objects – washing them, holding them, gilding them, breathing through them – my breath the first breath to move through that space in 100, 200, 300 years…. sometimes I can taste the ghost of tobacco smoke…

I’ve been threading my hair through them… freezing them in water and watch them melt…. trying to materialise moments of connection, trying to materialise time….


August 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

Sue Me & the Company entered a drag king competition and got through to the final, ha! here’s  the YouTube video of us in heat 2 of Man Up @ The Glory: (we're at 1.06) plus [...]